Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For the past few years I have volunteered to help with the church's big rummage sale.  Big, as in more than $31,000 raised, all for various mission projects.  It feels good and it's really quite fun.  We started sorting in early February and will continue until the sale in mid April.  I'm a book sorter:

Folks bring in bags and bags and boxes filled with their excess books.  Lots and lots of different topics.  We don't go so far as to sort by author, alphabetically, but figure we do fairly well sorting by topic.
At least we alphabetized the boxes by topic, so they are easier to find for our sorting.  So far we have just about already fill up one storage closet and are starting on the second one:
This does mean that I can get reading material to last me until next year.  Good fun for some good causes.

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Caroline said...

Did you find interesting things, like last year? bye bye Caro