Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to you!

It turned out to be a very pleasant day, today.  Not exactly fully sunny but much. much improved on some of our more recent days.  So good, in fact, that yesterday the backyard got some needed attention - weeding, edging, dandelions, and a bit of pruning.  Yeah all the plants cried in unison.  A couple of shots of the yard,

I know lots of folks just love the fall, but I'm a spring girl, myself.  Just my most favorite time of the year.

But I also have been doing a bit of sewing, so to bring you up to date,
I do love these blocks, but somehow they are so challenging for me.  So I have cut some new strips and squares and now put it away.  For both of us to rest for a bit before soldiering on.

Added more blocks, as my friend Ronda recommended.  A cute print.

As we don't know the gender of this baby, I'll just choose one of the colors for a border and ba-boom.  I'll just buy a copy of the story and one baby gift ready to go!

And then I got on a roll yesterday and started on the high school graduation quilt.  Oh - I'm liking this pattern and it is so blessedly simple.  Thank you Billie Lauder.

Sew into strips and cross cut to get the logs

These are the fabrics I'm using.  She likes blues and green.  The asian print is actually a very dark blue.              

I like this faux log cabin layout.

Time to put the ham in oven.  Happy day, one and all.

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Caroline said...

I love your projects, but the stars (that I think bothered you so much) are really nice. bye bye Caro