Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Returning to Normal

Phew!  After several weeks (12+) it seems that life at Casa Nana may be returning to 'normal'.  Now I'm not sure exactly what that means but, it needs to be time for a new normal.  So I'm learning lots of new skills and hopefully will be able to hold onto those.  My days in cardio-rehab are over - at the hospital gym and Superfluity (rummage sale) is over.  So, for me it means some more time to be doing some of the things that I really love.

Had a family birthday party for DD,
How can she be that age, when I haven't aged more than a few months?  The two youngest grands were pretty cute, sitting together,
And now I've even been able to sew a little bit,

Spring fabrics using the little twister tool.  Makes a cute small table runner.

Last week I did sneak in a quick trip to the fabric store and bought myself two yards of background.  I just love it,
I have had this pattern for literally years.  It was a 12 month, block a month quilt.  And so at long last, I will actually get to make it.  Other than my background, it is all from my stash.  Yeah!  Use up those 30's reproductions, fat eighths.

Dare I say that it may be pretty darn cute?

Back at it!  I'm a happy girl.

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Caroline said...

I love your photos, and how cute your two youngest granddaughters look. bye bye Caro