Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A couple a' little projects

Oh it's grand to be able to 'catch up' on a couple of things that have been hanging around.  This one, obviously, will go in the "another season" batch, but I should at least finish it here shortly.

Fun and easy and I will likely add a Christmas red border.

My CTA group is making bereavement quilts for Providence Hospital.  These will become quilts that are given to the parents to take home.  The nurses report that they are just cherished - isn't that incredible to think what an impact one of us can have.

I used this pale green children's print for my plain blocks.  I think they are perhaps a bit too light.  I will work on another here shortly with something a big 'stronger' and see if I'm happier with that.  I'm so lucky to have this "grand" way of amusing myself.  Happy Wednesday.

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