Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seattle Super Moon

Like many, many other folks, we found a hill with a great outlook to watch the moon rise.  The newspaper had said it would happen at 8:30pm, but because there were some clouds over the Cascade mountains, it was a bit later than that.  But. . . . . .

Pretty OK with a little point-and-shoot camera.  {Thanks Elaine.}

Lovely sunshiny day.  Makes me so happy.  We even went to the carwash and got one of the cars clean.  Mine next.  Finishing up the quilt for Nat and Theresa, by way of my DS.

This is what I used for the back.  It was a gift from a friend of my brother who lives in Japan.  Oh so cute.
Peter on the front (as compared to Peter on the back above).  Excited to think what will be next.

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Caroline said...

Paco started howling looking at your blog. Full moon? Have a nice week, and congratulations with Emma's birthday. bye bye Caro