Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Stashbusters

Life has been too crazy for several weeks, so I have been missing my satellite quilt group meetings.  But finally I managed to make it there tonight.  It was great.  Here are a few things that our members are working on (such talented gals)

Aren't they great?  Folks are also starting work on our annual group quilt [remember, this is the one we make to cover our rent for the year].  For the first time we have decided to make a Christmas quilt for an auction that is held at the end of November.  So a couple of blocks,

Tans and red, with a little green.

I've been continuing to finish up some projects in process.  Borders on the red quilt (wedding gift).  It's a small red and white pattern - fabric that I bought at the city market in Delft, Holland last year.  I am thinking about adding another white border.  Any thoughts?
And the baby quilt (pattern from Mary Hickey).  Border will be blue or pink, depending.  This is for our choir director's first baby.
Still working on the 'finishing-it-up' projects.  I'll show you.


Caroline said...

Will you buy me ticket?
bye bye Caro

Cybele's patch said...

Beautiful work Marne!