Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up

Phew!  We made it home with our sanity and wallets in tact.  The rig was left with a service provder for Warranty work and we brought the car home.  It was loaded to the gills, but we made it just fine.  Now the laundry has begun!  But back to Gillette.  We arrived on Sunday, July 1st in Wyoming.  The weather along the way had been warm, but beautiful.  Sunday was over 103`.  Our chapter had the responsibility of helping to park the attendees.  We had a couple of little golf carts to lead folks to their space.
Lush and green?  No!  But it worked.  The facilities were about 100 yards away and an easy walk.  The space was very large and divided into space for the vendors, meeting rooms and tables for sitting and chatting.  There was also a small meal provider, if one didn't want to use the kitchen in their rig or go out to eat.  Or, for that matter, didn't have a kitchen.  Quite a few gals came who stayed in a nearby hotel.
(Dinner at Las Margueritas).  Monday, via tour bus, we had a visit to Devil's Tower.  An amazing landmark.  It is, in fact, the remains of the center of a volcano.  We enjoyed a walk around the tower while there.

If you enlarge this last picture several times, you can perhaps see the climbers on the rock face.  Yikes!  Following these adventures, we traveled to the funny little "town" of Aladdin.  We visited the general store. 

Our bus tour then continued on to DeadWood, South Dakota.  I have to say that this was a REAL disappointment.  It is too 'cheesey' for words and all just as fake as can be.  Every store, bar, and restaurant (even the ice cream store) had slot machines.  They advertised table games, but I didn't see any.  Some fun architecture, but. . . . .

All the food is served with paper plates and plastic cutlery and plastic cups for drinks.  Been there, done that!  It was about an hour and a half return home (Gillette).  Next blog.

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