Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gillette, Wyoming

Having some significant connectivity challenges, so no photos (and thus a short blogpost).  This is such interesting country.  Hot - over 100` for several days running, one tornado watch and major rain and wind, a few mid-90` days and lots and lots of fun.  18 of us from the Pacific Northwest and folks from all over the rest of the country.  Hopefully this internet business will improve and I can post a few photos - already after-the-fact.  Received 3 antique quilt tops, visited the local quilt store, attended a quilt workshop - especially for women who do all their quilting in their RV's.  Will try again soon.


ballardquilter said...

I am glad to read your trip is going well. Stay cool!

Caroline said...

Seems like you're having a very interesting journey. Love to hear more stories. bye bye Caro