Monday, July 16, 2012


Our week was most interesting.  We met gals from all over the U.S.  There were no tents, but there were vans and campers and Classes A, B and C motorhomes.  There are quite a few women who are "full-timers" meaning they don't have a home other than their motorhome.  Some work from their rigs, others are retired and now just travel around.   

We attended various seminars throughout the week and had a chance to visit with the vendors and see their wares - and even try a few.  [of course, we also came home with a few, as well!]  One afternoon Alice and I visited the local quilt store.  For such a little town, it was a very nice shop, with a huge selection of flannels.  I bought 4 different blues to finish the baby quilt for our church choir director,
and found a book of table runner patterns,
I really like making table runners.  They allow me to try all sorts of new and different patterns and techniques.  The one shown on the cover (if you can tell) is an autumn one with pumpkin pies.  You can do the same idea with a bit of change and have an apple pie runner.  Cute ideas.

Caro - you might be interested in 3 new quilt tops that I got while I was there.  These are all about 1950, made by my friend Laura's grandmother.

The major industry in Gillette is coal mining and on the grounds of the CamPlex are several full sized coal-related pieces of equipment.  As you can see, they are intended to be climbed on - great for the children.  We even managed to find a geocache on the truck.  More catch-up next.

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