Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of the most fun things about living elsewhere is to try local foods and especially to visit local supermarkets - at least for me, this is great, great fun.  Last summer, in the Netherlands, my love affair with Albert Heijn markets was solidified.  Caro saves copies of their free monthly magazine for me (and occasionally sends me copies).  They are incredibly well done, slick, glossy, high-end publication.  [and heavy to mail!]  My  Dutch language skill isn't the greatest, but it's good enough to be able to read recipes.  So imagine my delight when Elaine found AH cherry jam [my favorite] in Michigan.
There was some palaver with our favorite TSA, even though they had obviously never been opened, but they did get here.  She also found one of her favorites,
Orange flavored tea.  Oh what fun to enjoy these things and to remember our adventures last summer.

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