Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sewing Projects

Weeeelllll, I have learned one thing.  I am not very skillful at doing machine sewn bindings.
Can you see where I missed?  I can report that ripping all of this sewing out took quite some time.  However, on a very warm evening I sat downstairs, watching TV and did it all again, by hand.  I have washed the quilt and it is ready for delivery to Heidi.

I visited with friend Alayne and picked up the quilt for Paige.  She is heading to Harvey Mudd (yup - she is one smart cookie) later this month.  I'm not sure I'll be completely finished, but it will be on its way before winter arrives in California.  Yes, it does get cool there - at least I believe it is cool enough to enjoy a quilt.  I used a new-to-me batting,
Dream Puff.  It is a poly batting, but quite "fluffy".  Seems great.  Alayne did a really nice job of quilting it,

Here you can really see the design on the back - I used a Kona muslin.  Fairly heavy but it has a nice finish.  It feels rather like old-fashioned polished cotton.  Next week I'm taking a class Mon-Thurs. so I will work on the binding during that.
Project #3 is making screens for the church.  In a couple of weeks our church will again be hosting homeless women and their children from Mary's Place.  We will host up to 14 people and they are making an effort to provide them with some privacy - or at least a sense of privacy between their air-mattress beds.  You don't want to hear me whine about the challenges with this project.   Thus far I have made 3 of the fabric panels.  Soon to head off and buy more of the poly felt that I'm using.  Of course it also requires yards of bias binding and velcro.  But it is washable - one of the requirements and made from recycled plastic pop bottles in the US.  Someone else is making the frames.

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