Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Qwerky little inventions

While out on our latest camping adventures, I came across a couple of little items that struck me as most interesting.  Here's #1:

A disposable plastic spoon with a hinge.  It was placed in the top of a fruit cup - for use with the cup, of course.  But what did this cost?  It must have been significantly more expensive than normal throw-away utensils.  Something interesting to ponder.

#2 - a small electric appliance with triangle shaped indentations in the bottom and top.  You fill the bottom sections with pancake batter

You add a little sausage (or a myriad of other choices)
Add a bit more batter and close the top and viola
a little hand-held pancake/sausage pie (or is it a cake?)  Now this little machine ain't all that new, except to me, I guess.  But aren't those so cute?  Oh the things you learn when out camping!

We had a most fun week-end.  Some women from our RV group and some women from church met up at a nearby state park.  We had a tent, a pop-up camper, a small Class C, a larger Class C and a Class A. (that was 8 of us) and 3 gals came over for the day on Saturday.  There were the requisite card games,
a pleasant walk down to the beach and of course, a potluck supper,

Much fun!

Beautiful campground.

Now I think some staying home and a couple of sewing projects are on my agenda.

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Anonymous said...

of course, don't forget to do some sewing, with all your holiday activities. bye bye Caro