Tuesday, August 28, 2012

She's baaaaaack

My class was just spectacular.  I was so enamored with everything about it.  It is a marvelous means of providing a non-judgemental listening presence.  This will happen in the context of our church.  We already have 5 people who are trained and working in this.  Bill and I have both been trained to be leaders/administrators for the program, to join the 2 current folks and a new training session will begin in early October.  It's all a-happenin'.

I got the binding finished on Paige's quilt (hurrah)
I finished washing and drying the baby quilt for Heidi and made the 8 privacy screens.  [the church is providing housing and meals for 14 homeless mothers and their children during the next week.  We do this once a quarter.]  The idea is to create some sense of privacy in their sleeping quarters - considering they have to be washable, light controlling, and able to break down fully - it was something of a challenge.  But I used a felt made in the USA from recycled pop bottles.  Pretty good.
Walt made the frames from PVC.  I finished one lavender sachet for Sherrie's birthday and that's it!  Just been sitting around - NOT!

Tomorrow is pre-school shopping for the 2 oldest grands and Thursday it's babysitting for the littlest one (1 yo).  Then on Friday we are off for our Labor Day Camping adventures.  Life is not dull.

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