Sunday, April 1, 2007

Are Charity Quilts worth it?

I have been fighting with myself since last evening. A group from our church held an auction to raise funds to be sent to New Orleans - to continue work helping folks wth rebuilding. Clearly a very needy cause and something that I feel good helping with. So I made a lap-sized quilt - pretty cute if I say so, myself. String pieced, scrappy, different colored squares with a black border and rainbow striped binding. Because it was sewn onto muslin, I didn't use batting, but backed it with flannel. This is the second year that I donated a lap quilt.

The decision was made to put the quilt in the silent auction, instead of the live auction as it was last year. In the end, the quilt went for $126. I am working to not be arrogant about the whole thing, but at that price my efforts paid about $3-4 per hour. [In the live auction last year, the quilt raised well over $300.] So the argument with myself, obviously, is do I continue to support the cause, with quilting, even if my donation raises a reasonably small amount? I did purchase things at the auction and contributed in that way, so maybe I should just get over myself and call it good.



gina smith said...

There's a saying that every little helps. Even a small amount is better than nothing. There are times when i think is it worth contributing to a charitable cause, but then if everyone thought like that the charities would get nothing. Give yourself a large pat on the back for doing some good.
I know it's hard when something you've worked on goes for a small sum, but if you hadn't put it in the charity would have been that much down on the night.

love and hugs gina xxx

Andi said...

Handwork will never be paid what it is worth if you calculate by the hour!!

If I am doing something for charity, either I tell myself ahead of time that it is a learning experience for me, or I choose something simple enough that I don't feel it's a waste of time.

Another option for a charity auction is to put a minimum bid on your work. My local guild has started getting our quilts appraised, so when we donate them for a fundraiser, people know what the "market value" is!