Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I paid my dues!

Those dues would be the ones that we all must pay to the "Clean Bathroom" Club. On hands and knees, with my bucket of PineSol, I scrubbed behind the toilet. I find that a quick swish often will suffice, but as I'm expecting houseguests next week, it was time for the "full meal deal". Having completed that task, I can now move on to much more fun things.

I mentioned the Church huge 'rummage' sale. I had one especially grand find:

This wonderful brass lamp, about 17" high, to the top of the harp. Now just to find a perfect shade and I'll be all set.

Friday afternoon, we left for our week-end away with the RV group. We headed east, over the Cascade Mountains to the little town of Cashmere. It is known for its fruit orchards: apple, pear and cherries, especially. They are not really into bloom quite yet, but well on their way. There was a peculiar sound during the night, I kept thinking it was helicopters flying over. I learned in the morning that those are the modern-day windmills that the orchardists have to keep the frost off the blossoms/fruit that are just starting. [Someone who knows more about this than me, please chime in!] A great fun week-end. Now to some more chores, but I can feel righteous knowing the bathroom is sparkling!

Happy Tuesday.

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MOLLY said...

Oh boy! I love the unique lamp. I love quilting/sewing related items from the past.