Monday, April 9, 2007

Mostly week-ends

Because I am now retired, almost all my days are week-ends. Oh, it's so lovely. But it is especially fun when the "real" week-ends come and my working friends get to play, as well. On Saturday my quilt buddy Ronda and I took off for a full day of shopping and looking and "ooh-ing". She picked me up at 9am and we drove north. Stopped at one lovely quilt shop in Smokey Point. [We did arrive a bit before they opened so stopped for a coffee, of course!] I managed to find several things I couldn't live without. I'm making a surprise/goofy gift for a friend. The fabric I had found is a pale green background with molded jello. I found a number of things to "go with". (the photos are on the other computer, so will add those in a separate entry.) We then went on to Sewers Dream, and again managed to find several "can't live without 'em" items. We arrived in Anacortes about 1:30pm. And it was high time for lunch. Good food, slow service. Finished up about 2:45 and headed off to the Fidalgo Bay Quilters Show. Some really impressive work there. Then our friend Shirley invited us to her home where we had tea and snacks and got to see her personal "trunk show" of quilts she had made and others made by her mother, grandmother and aunt. We finally headed out the door about 6pm, oh so tired but quite sated with food, drink and QUILTS! [bevredigen, for my Dutch friends]

A wonderful week-end day.

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