Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lovely spring day with attitude adjustment :-)

Here is the "trouble some" charity effort. But I am having a better attitude about giving it away and having to "let go". So it has gone to a good home and I think they will enjoy it. They commented that they like things that are made by friends/acquaintances. So enough.

Some drink coasters I just finished. The green ones are frogs and the tan are tea bags. As I said, it is a lovely spring day. We haven't had enough lovely days yet.

Seattle spring is ever changing weather - yesterday some women I met said they awoke to snow. Not here, thank goodness. Yellow tulips from friends in den Bosch, the Netherlands. Camellia's outside the dining room window. Enjoy your day!


Rose said...

Hi, first visit to ur blog......u have a gorgeous quilt to give to charity and those coasters???...its worth it!!!

Melzie said...

The coasters are great :) Loved the pics of the flowers! xoxo melzie