Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life comes in Waves

Quilter's Anonymous cuts flannel for premie quilts. Members are encouraged to take home the makings and sew them up. Many, many are given away each month to two Neonatal Intensive Care Units, locally.

Blocks for May block swap at Quilter's Anonymous. Fun and easy pattern.
I've included these pictures just to show that I haven't been sitting around. AND I'm not going to get to sit around for a couple of weeks - those life waves are heading to shore right at the moment.

I agreed to 'head up' the Bakery at the up-coming church Superfluity Sale. I did remind the over-all chair that I was actually going to be out of town, so am trying to get all my ducks in a row before I hand things over to Claudia. I will work the pre-sale night, Thursday night, and then she will take over for Friday and Saturday. I think I've bought all the things I need for the set-up except hot cups - we don't do styrofoam. Meanwhile, Friday noon we will leave for our second-of-this-year RV week-ends. So I need to be thinking clothes and food (a potluck Friday and Saturday nights) and whatever else we might need. Next week I need to work on my homework for my night school class (Thursday night - which I'll miss this week) as Friday we are taking my daughter and family for a week-end at the Ocean. It is my DD's birthday and it seemed like a fun adventure to get away, no TV or telephones, easy shared meals and Grandma to help look after the kids. At least I surely hope that is how it turns out - that's the plan. Phew!
So, you-all keep up the good work and I will likely be able to post in about a week and a half. And, see what you have been doing.
Marne - aka Nana

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Quilt Nut said...

Hi Marne

Thanx for stopping by. Love the charity blocks. i practice longarm quilting on charity quilts for one of our local quilds