Friday, November 9, 2007

The Holiday Fairies are gearing UP

Or if they are not, it will soon be late! I have been working on a number of things that I cannot show you fully - at least not yet. Blog "peekers" might be out there. However, I have one thing that is 'not quite' Christmas on one side and quite Christmas on the other. That is for my crazy exchange Christmas gift.

There is another gift (red) for that exchange, also in the works.

And then what will obviously be a baby quilt - almost done but a surprise, nonetheless.

I can report one thing that I have been doing and show you: I am using Stephanie's fabrics from the Golden Brown fat quarter collection to make the center of a round robin. It is from the Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Autumn Leaves quilt. The applique block is designed by Judy Day. [I want to be sure to give the appropriate credit and not have you think it all came from my little head.] My center is to be 30cm square. It will be sent off to Jacqueline, in Belgium and she will add the first border. Each border is to be 10 cm. It goes to 3 or 4 more people before I get it back, approximately November '08. Should be fun to see the metamorphisis. (sp?) Oh yes, the center circle will be a mustard yellow.

Perhaps like you, I am starting the holiday round of entertaining. Dinner this Saturday provided and prepared by a friend - I bought it at an auction. Oh yes, and granddaughter Megan's first birthday party in the afternoon. Sunday is "get the RV ready to be put away for the winter" - boo hoo. We have such a very fun time in it. I am the President-elect of our RV group so will be busy with that all next season (March-October) Monday is a U.S. federal holiday, but my CTA group is having a luncheon, with thanks for all the volunteering that group does. Oh my, oh my. Busy times. Life is full, but good.


Barb said...

Such a fun blog post to read...and I liked your *secrets* that you didn't quite reveal..very cool!

Also your invite to check out the *Swooze* quilting for fun site was very nice...I did enjoy reading that one and most important is that we can have *fun* with all of our hobbies and daily tasks!

Your blog is very nice, I enjoy reading it, a touch of the real world!

Susan said...

Love seeing the bits and pieces! Really love the RR center you are doing!