Thursday, November 29, 2007

Things to do while nursing a cold. . .

Try as I might, I haven't avoided this one. At least it isn't requiring bed rest, but I'm feel pretty puny - so have just been futzing around the house and doing a few things. I have done a bit of cooking. [I am a very good cook but would prefer to be in my sewing room rather than standing at the stove.] So, on to the fabric items:

This is a quilt being made for Stone Soup Quilts (for patients at the Fred Hutchison Cancer center, undergoing treatment). All the fabric is donated. You can see the challenge with the dark blue, as it is faded on the fold lines, so I had to cut around those. I was anxious that I would have enough, but it worked just fine. This log cabin pattern is the standard layout used for these quilts and they do turn out nicely. I will return this to the church next Monday - the usual Stone Soup day, and it will be sandwiched and backed and quilted and bound. As it has been 'mine' - I chose the fabrics - I bet I can choose the backing as well. I pieced a couple of backs, as well, this week. [tilt your head, I forgot to rotate the finished top]

On my own stuff, I have made these fun, oh-so-easy placemats. Not sure who they will go to, but it's a ready-to-go Christmas gift. Just 4 fat quarters and some backing. Thank you Mary Louise for showing me how to do these.

[We have a front loading washing machine and it is just the perfect height for working on little projects.]

There you have it for today - snuffle, snuffle.


Susan said...

Sorry you are feeling punky! Hope it passes quickly. The log cabin is one of my favorite patterns. I like how it looks, and I like that I can cut scraps and just sit down and sew. When I have enough blocks, I'm finished. =) The placemats are so cute!

Belvie said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Feel better quickly!!!

That quilt did turn out nice. Someone getting treatments is certainly going to appreciate it.
I really like the placemats too!

Barb said...

Get better soon, this is just not a good time to be feeling if there is ever a good time for it ;>)!!

Thanks for showing your projects, I love *log cabin* blocks...also the placemats look neat, what is the secret for making them, would you share? Barb

Anonymous said...

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