Saturday, November 17, 2007

Keeping busy

Patty Anne and I went to one of the Rusty Barn Productions - sewing, quilting and crafting expo at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. They wouldn't allow any photos inside (sadly) so I can just report that there were probably 60 vendors - many I had not seen at previous Sewing Expo's (I'm referring to the ones sponsored by WSU Extension). We showed rather remarkable restraint in our shopping.

Some fabric, 120" tape measure (having just heard Karen Kay Buckley say that everyone should have one of these and I didn't) a chalk pencil that irons off, some redwork patterns and some cherrywood scraps for embellishing sweatshirt make-overs. The sweatshirts class was the only class that we attended. Good thing, as the poor woman didn't have a microphone and the walls were simply fabric over rods. Hard for all of us.

On Friday we went to the Tacoma Art Museum to see the Gee's Bend exhibit - quite renowned. Today, to my pleasure, a gift from a crazy exchange friend, Mary, arrived. She was wonderfully generous.

A handkerchief bag, an embroidered tea towel, very "Dutch" fabric, a to/from tag, embroidered heart on a heart hanger and a lovely Dutch quilting magazine. Aren't I so lucky?


Marilyn R said...

It looks like you had a great time, that you were able to be inspired, and that you were able to get some great things to play and create with. Fun!

Susan said...

60 vendors is a good number to actually get around and see everything. Looks like you found some fun things. I love Cherrywood scrap bags. I didn't buy any at PIQF the last two years, since I'm still working out of the 4 previous ones!

I'll write about GB.