Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Colors for Spring

Did anyone notice, that this is a new color (green). It seemed quite spring-y, so decided why not. This is been a busy week but don't seem to have lots to show for it. I did purchase some fabrics for Judith (for the blogoversary drawing) but I won't show you those. She can post a photo when they arrive. I hope she likes them. All 1930's style of fabrics.

I have continued to work on my crazy exchange round robins (RR) and can say, with a big sigh that I finally finished them. The batik-ish one was just a challenge all the way around. The center wasn't even and try as I might I couldn't make it lay flat. I think I took those borders off at least four times. Finally my friend (and quilter extradinaire) Alayne helped me figure out how much to ease in on both sides to make it lay correctly. I had to lose the mitred corners but did finish it. I hope that Marc will be satisfied.

And then I also finished Caro's sweet dog center for the RR. Marc had both of these and gave them to me when I was in Belgium. For Caro's I really wanted to carry out some of the green from her center so that's why I chose the "checkered" fabric. So now they are complete and ready to be sent off to Jacqueline in the Netherlands. She will put the last round on Caro's and a second border on Marc's. One more to go before it goes home to its owner. It's especially challenging (as many of you know) to add a border to a piece that already has one or more on it. We are thinking that perhaps we'll do a row robin later on - just to keep going with this sillyness.

Nana had "daycare" duties on Thursday. However, I'm thinking that the price was a bit "high". I ended up so very sick all night, last night. Oh my gracious. That hasn't happened for a while. Thank goodness. Bless those little darlings, but they had been under the weather last week and I think they must have shared with me. Phew!

Of course, I have just loads of WIP's - I'm not sure what will call my name next. As soon as I'm feeling a bit more chipper.


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Hi Marne, I think you did a great job on the RR. I think they're lovely, can't wait to receive my own, and start finishing it. Í think it would be fun to start a Row Robin, can put a photo somewhere as an example. Hope you get well soon, here we're hoping for better weather. groetjes Caroline

Iris said...

Love what you did on the RR's