Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Should I hang my head?

In some camps, I shouldn't be quite so excited about acquiring new "stash", but I'm darn excited. I have always had very good luck ordering from Connecting Threads and once again, they have come through with some lovely coordinating fabrics. So, with a sheepish smile, my new "arrivals":


Marika said...

Fantastic fabrics !!! I love those colours.

Lottery Girl said...

First of all, absolutely don't hang your head over the new stash! It's gorgeous!

And secondly, I did go and read your leap day entry. You HAVE done some cool things! Very cool about the catering thing. I also think it's awesome that you are studying Dutch.

I've met Anne Perry at a writer's conference I go to every year. She is still gorgeous! And of course, she speaks beautifully, both because of her accent and because of the content.

I'm also a fan of Anne Lamont, and have her Bird by Bird book.

Thanks for steering me to your post!

loulee1 said...

Prett fabrics. You just can't beat finding and buying new fabrics.

Wow, you were fast whipping up that baby quilt in your last post too.. Very sweet.