Monday, April 7, 2008

A New Week Ahead

When I was working I didn't really enjoy Monday's - it was something about going back to the same ole grind. Now I find that the prospect of a new week ahead, new adventures, places to go, people to meet - I just love it. Isn't it so strange? As I'm feeling better, I have managed to accomplish a few things and that feels good. I do wonder from time to time if I am perhaps a bit ADD. I seem to run in several different directions at one time, working on multiple different projects. Oh well. I do get back to them and eventually finish up those WIP's just waiting for me. And so, having said that, accomplished this week-end:

a little bag for the iPod I bought to replace the one I seemed to have lost. (grrrr)

It makes me feel like things are in better order, if pieces of a project are in a plastic bag [what did we do before the advent of zip-lock type bags?]

My brother had helped me run a cable from my computer speakers into my sewing room. I had had a very old pair of little speakers that were pretty lousy, so I bought myself some new (still not expensive) speakers at Radio Shack. It's amazing what a difference they make. Internet radio, talk shows, BBC, Radio Netherlands, World Radio - it's wonderful!

Scrap strips from our quilting guild nine-patch project. (all in one place - yeah!)
I would happily entertain your suggestions about how I might use these.

And finally, nickel squares cut (stored in a plastic bag)and ready to be made into a table runner.



Teresa said...

WTG Marne - looks to me like you got a lot done.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Stephanie said...

Looking very organised! I'm still on the other side of the wall, dreading my Mondays :( Hopefully soon I'll convince my husband it's time to retire! :)

Passionate Quilter said...

looks like you are fully back into the swing of things! and yes--Ziploc bags are the best! I've been a bit slow making my rounds on the ring--so missed your Anniversary Blog--congrats! and darn for me! LOL and love your White Chocolate quilt, I can't wait to see it when it's done!

kjquilts said...

I know what you mean about the plastic bags. We should be called honorary bag ladies just for supporting the zip-lock industry!

Maybe a string quilt would use up those strips.