Tuesday, April 22, 2008

With good intentions

You know about the road to somewhere unpleasant being paved with good intentions - unfortunately I think I must be well along that road. I do keep intending to update this more often than once a week, but somehow the week flies past and here we are again. So, here's to another Tuesday and another week, but luckily considerably less crazy this week. Hurrah!

So let's begin with this past week-end. We decided mid April, a good time to go camping, right? Wrong! That's snow. Can you believe it? We had hail and rain and snow all week-end long. I don't think the temperatures ever got over about 43`. Bless that furnace in the motorhome.

I did complete a few other things in the sewing department this last week. So here are my four other Crazy Mom blocks:

When we got home on Sunday I learned of the birth of Rosa Elise, daughter of my Dutch friend Danielle. They have 2 boys, so #3 is a girl. I'm imagining they are pretty excited. So I had to get busy. Should finish this up tomorrow, as I don't have enough batting left.

And just because it seemed to call my name, a parcel of goodies from Connecting Threads arrived in today's mail. Yeah! First fabric purchase in a very long time, so I don't feel too bad.
Life is good, for sure!

[But my skills at arranging photos and the accompanying text are not so good. Sorry about that - I think you can figure out which picture goes with which words.]


Lottery Girl said...


Great quilts! Really enjoyed looking at all your photos.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Nana,

I'd love to "tag" you.

I can imagine you've got some fascinating things to tell us about yourself. Actually, since you are a retired social worker, you probably will not be able to stop. The rules are on my blog, and really all you do is tell us six random things about yourself.

We'd love to have you play, but if you'd rather not, that's okay also.

Have a beautiful day!

Teresa said...

I can so relate to posting pictures and getting them in the right places. I love the churn dash blocks ( or is that monkey wrench - I am never sure. Those are such pretty traditional blocks. Actually I liked all your blocks. Oh how I love to camp, but just seems like everytime hubby and I plan an escape, something interfers. I hope you enjoyed your time away despite the lousy weather.