Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Treasures in the attic

Before she died, my mother told my daughter that she could have her thimble collection. It got boxed up in the mid 90's and hadn't been thought about since. As so often happens, those boxes ended up in mama's attic (me!) So awhile ago, when trying to tidy up the attic, I found the boxes and decided to take a peak inside. I am the sewer in the family, as it is now (although my mother was quite accomplished), and so perhaps I should enjoy the thimbles for a while before they move on to my daughter and granddaughters.

Imagine my surprise - and my daughter's - to find that there were more things than just thimbles in those boxes. And so here are some of the things that I found inside:

A box with a glass lid. The tools inside are clearly for sewing, but I'm not sure what they are all for or what they do. There are a couple of separate handles into which pieces fit. But what is that which appears to be a knife? A bodkin? A stiletto?

These are labeled as glove darning "eggs". One silver, one wooden.

These are labeled as bodkins. I presume to thread ribbon through eyelets or lace.

Various thimbles. Notice the two metal ones in the front - they are tiny. Presumably for children's hands.

Scissors with an embroidered case. They look like gardening shears, don't they?

For shoe buttons? Dress buttons?

I have no idea what these are. They are wooden, about 8 inches long. There is a spring in the center, so when you squeeze the handles, then the two prongs at the top separate. Ideas?

This is kind of fun - no? Luckily inside one box there was also an old four-sided glass case. I think it was for pipes. So it makes a great place to keep these little treasures where I can look at them. Lucky me!


Lynne in Hawaii said...

I have no ideas for you but what a find!

méri said...

Lucky you, indeed. How beautiful things you found!
I'm not sure but I think that last pic is a kind of forceps for finger gloves. It depends on its size, i can't presume, but certanly is a forceps to enlarge something long and narrow.

You have pieces worthy of being in a museum.
It's an idea: you can for a museum and ask.

méri said...

I've just made a google research in images with the words "glove stretcher" and I found this:
Take a look!

méri said...

Mr. Google knows evrything!!!

Nancy in Norway said...

What tresures you found in your attic. I love your thimbles, espesially the crystal one.

Teresa said...

How interesting. Don't you wonder if she used them in her sewing or, like many of us, enjoyed collecting gadgets and such pretty ones. A real treasure for sure.

Jennifer said...

WOW! What beautiful treasures! I just love finding old things!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the second picture, the equipment for making lace (dutch word: kantklossen). groetjes Caroline

Marlene said...

Wow Wow Wow, "Treasures in the attic" is right! I love seeing these things. Thanks for showing us.