Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday has arrived

When I was working, I spent so much time looking forward to the week-ends. I still love them, but they aren't quite as memorable, as my time is really "my own", all the time, now that I'm retired. Yeah!!!!

This has been a fun week:
Alice (4 years old) made me a gift, when she kept seeing her mother making things for our crazy exchange. She has seen me on Skype and referred to me as the lady who doesn't talk like we do. [Alice lives in the Netherlands.] These now happily reside outside the sewing room.

Friday when I got home (at the end of a truly grueling day) I found a parcel on the front porch from my autumn exchange partner. She lives in Iceland and the parcel arrived in less than a week. Imagine. (Hers was shipped last Monday, but I haven't heard that it arrived as yet. ) Here is what she sent me - simply marvelous:

Apple fabric, candies, tea, and a simply exquisite biscornu and fob (and scissors) all stitched with a lovely varigated thread. Oh my - wonderful!

I have finished the quilting and binding on both granddaughters' quilts (you've seen them before) and now to make the pillow for GS and I will be caught-up with those little projects. I do have one or two things still awaiting attention, but I'll get there. I did start cutting out a Christmas hanging designed by Maaike Bakker , "Strip Pieced Quilts". Should be fun. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Have a great week-end.


Anonymous said...

Lovely drawings. She is a real artist. groetjes Caroline

Ken's choice said...

My goodness, look out Picasso !!(is he still alive ?)
the kids in England used to say, Henny comes from the country where they always shake hands !!
you had some lovely presents, I always buy Pickwick tea , English breakfast for myself but every other fruity ones for my girls !!
and the biscornu is great.
I've had one of Kristin in the Xmas exchange last year, and I use it every day.
have a nice day!!