Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting a few things done

Well, yes, that family room is looking much more livable. We have found homes for most of the stuff - although we did discover that two of the space bags we hoped to use have somehow lost their "oomph" and don't keep the air out any longer. I will have to see if I can find them somewhere on a good sale.

My dear friend Christian will turn 50 in a couple of weeks, so I must finish the quilt that he and I started (for him) over a year ago. It's kind of "goofy" but exactly what he said that he wanted.

Don't ya just hate it when you aren't paying attention and the bobbin runs out? My big machine, with the bobbin empty light is headed to the service department, so I'm using another machine and there is no warning. Of course I had sewn more than one side of the binding without any bobbin thread. DHHHHHH! But it should be ready to go for his big day.

Also finished up the pillow for dear GS. He is moving away from Thomas the Tank Engine, in his bedroom, and into airplanes. So this seemed just the perfect decor item for his room. Big sister and little sister are both getting small bed-sized quilts; this is so he doesn't feel left out.

Now just to finish up another Christmas table runner for youngest GD's school fund-raising auction (before I see the kids on Saturday) and I will be about up-to-date. [with some of my sewing that is] As I will be with them all day, I'm working on a chicken and wild rice soup to have ready when I get home. Makes life easier. I don't have a recipe so I can't share one, but it sure is tasty.


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