Thursday, October 23, 2008

It looks like a bomb hit!

So it is the end of the camping season and time to empty the caravan (motorhome) to put it away for the winter. We must remove everything that might get damp and moldy. While I may not have been the most tidy, I got everything inside and was preparing to look for homes to keep all this stuff through the winter. However, I forgot and called the cable TV company to come and fix my TV that was misbehaving. So then I really had to just scoop things up and try to get them out of the way, so that he could repair/replace/boost our TV reception. Well, you can see the result. CHAOS! I also had to empty an entire bookcase so that it could be moved, upstairs. I have that back together, but haven't finished with this. Alas!

This next week-end there is an RV Lifestyle school scheduled for a local technical college. I will be one of the presenters on Saturday, about our women's RV group. We are rather unique - that's for sure. So today was spent reviewing the powerpoint presentation, so I don't sound totally idiotic. I think that is all set to go.

Friday the church is having it's Harvest Tea - a fundraising event. I committed to making little tea sandwiches. So the chicken (it will be alright - although it might not look too appetizing yet) is cooked and I will mix it with finely chopped walnuts for one type of sandwich. Also was asked to do cucumber sandwiches - don't know if I can get watercress this time of year. But something will be prepared. As long as I was at the stove, I went ahead and made a large pot of swiss steak (a la my mother's recipe). I will just freeze most of this, but it will make a tasty and quick dinner one or two nights.

Thus. . . . . virtually no sewing this week. I gave away the one completed Christmas table runner, so now have to get another done rather quickly for youngest GD's fundraiser, due Nov. 3.

We continue to have some sunshine and that is so cheering. Although I did notice that my little weather girl continues to have blue sky behind her, even when it really is gray here. Hmmm. Onward.

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