Friday, January 2, 2009

January adventures

Well, friends, we made it to 2009. Despite our strange and marvelous weather, we have all survived and all the requisite holidays have been accomplished. We actually "did" Christmas yesterday with the grands (Jan 1st). Maybe there is something to be said for stretching this holiday out. I know that I must buy gifts throughout the year, a) because then you don't have all the expense at once, and b) you have to pick up things as your come across them. The secret is to put them away but not forget about them.

If I may digress for a minute - after my mother died, we were cleaning out her apartment and moving the furniture to its new destination. Under her bed we found Christmas gifts for my son, my brother, his sons, and my daughter. They were left-overs from the previous Christmas. Guess I take after mom.

Sometimes when you are two, the parcels are as big as you are. But it is also important to wear ALL the new hair clips along with your new tutu and pink tights and new lavender sweater.

We had a fabulous day.

I have been busily working away in my little "cave". Doing lots of tidying up - the sewing table surface is very clear. I have been making just loads of wine bags - both as gifts and to use. I have these two left for our next social engagements that requires bringing a bottle of wine. They are so cute and so easy.

We have been amusing ourselves with a little jig saw puzzle:
Matches the outside temperatures.

Santa found this lovely bag for me, along with a quilt calendar:

I don't think she reads my blog, so I will show you the little wall hanging I made for my crazy exchange partner. This one was just going across the U.S. so it should have arrived by now.

And that's about it, except all being well, I will go out and buy myself a new sewing machine later today. I have been looking at various ones and trying them out. There are some decent sales out there. For the number of hours per week I spend sitting at my machine, it is a worthwhile investment. I'll take photos. :->

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Morah said...

A new machine! Well, here we are on Jan. 3rd! and no pictures yet!!! I can't wait to see what you ended up with.