Friday, June 26, 2009

Holiday adventures

Sadly, tomorrow Caro leaves to return home to the Netherlands. I guess I will have to resume responsibility for all the photos from now on until she comes again (currently planned for March 2010). We have to be sure to remember to 'charge' her camera so she can record all our adventures. It really is so delightful to just clear the calendar and then she and I can be busy with all our activities. Caroline is so garrulous that she is very easy to take anywhere - she can always find someone to talk with (or they find her) [like the Scottish tourists on the ferry boat]. Yesterday was a quiet day, finishing up some of the sewing projects she began after arriving. Then lunch with my friend and long-armer, Alayne. Last evening was the last of the BBQ's in the back yard, although the weather wasn't the greatest.

Today, Friday, we must pick up the RV, to get ready for the week-end and then this afternoon we have a tour arranged at the Boeing 747-787 plant, north of Seattle. We're planning on dinner at a fun local "joint" and then the last of the packing. Saturday morning we all climb into 'Priscilla', stop at the airport to drop her off and then we head down to our RVW event, in Kelso.

More to follow.

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Joke said...

Time flies when you're in good company! I wish Carol to have a safe flight and hope you have a great event after you dropped her off at the airport :)