Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stashbusters again

My quilting group, Stashbusters, gathered on Friday night and Saturday for a "week-end" sew. We haven't done this for a few months, so it was great to have this specially set-aside time for our own projects as well as beginning the work on our group quilt. You may remember that the means by which we pay for our regular space, where we meet to quilt every other week, is through the donation of a quilt. This is then raffled off and is considered to be our annual "rent".

This year we are making a row quilt with one common fabric, a yellow background with circles of various primary colors - I think you can find it in some of these photos of rows being completed:

I think those happy dancing children are just the cutest - and the gal who did those (Ronda) says they really were such fun to make and not difficult. These were made primarily from the stash that each person has.

As usual, we had to have a potluck dinner on Friday with left-overs for Saturday lunch. We also enjoyed a previous guest, Abby (she hates cameras so I was lucky to get this one)

Of course, several folks also brought along other projects to work on, so here are some of their fine works:

Great fun, loads of marvelous conversation over the hum of machines and inspiration from and for everyone. What a great way to spend the week-end.

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