Monday, June 22, 2009

Vacation times

Caroline and I are still enjoying our multitude of activities. Let's see, since last Wednesday, . . . . . . .
While I got a haircut, Caro found a few neutral scraps in my sewing room and started a project. In the afternoon we made 3 batches of freezer jam with the fabulous new-crop of strawberries, from a local farm. In the evening we went to my local quilt group, Stashbusters. Friday morning we drove north to the LaConner Quilt Museum and then after some lunch headed to the Burlington Fabric Outlet. Of course, we managed to locate quite a collection of "needed" items. Saturday we attended the Block Party Quilters Quilt Show in Issaquah. A very, very nice show in a comfortable facility - is there a lesson here for Quilter's Anonymous? Sunday was rather quiet with church in the morning. In the afternoon some friends came for tea and cookies - their daughter will attend a college in Middleburg, the Netherlands - so we chatted for some time about all things "Dutch".

And so we begin again today: Stone Soup Quilting this morning, half-priced books for some quilting books, delivering some fabric to a church acquaintance (for the youth to use to make prayer flags at family camp, in a couple of weeks). A few groceries are needed, then this evening we are off to a church-womens' supper. So we are keeping ourselves 'out of trouble' most of the time.

For photos of all this, see Caro's blog:

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