Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to the usual

I am a devoted Bonnie Hunter fan. Now, mind you, she wouldn't know me if she ran me down, but we have at least one friend in common and so it feels like she is also MY friend. Today I read about her charming scrap quilt with the checkered border. I love it! I am headed to a friend's this morning to audition some fabrics for a border. Friend has made the center and I will do the border(s) that will turn into a house-warming gift for a mutual friend. Nice, huh?

It is very quiet around here. Caroline telephoned yesterday to say that she managed to stay awake all day yesterday for work (difficult after a 10 hour transatlantic flight). She helped me begin (again) the process of "weeding" out my sewing room. It is such a small space and I am such a "we might need it one day" sort-of gal. I must admit to chafing a bit under her chiding but I now have 4 bags for the Goodwill, 2 bags to donate to my sewing friends in CTA, 1 bag for the garbage can and the start of a bag for friend Ronda's late summer garage sale. Good, huh?

Getting the shelves tidy (again). Organized by color, mostly, except for the things that are put aside for backs. Also have my flannels separate from regular cottons. What I don't have nearly enough of are rather plain, 'blenders' - but I'm doing my best with what I got, mostly. I did find (and buy) some Benartex cotton 90" wide at the Outlet store last week (with Caroline - I'm sure it's all her fault) one dark blue and one yellow/gold which was sold for $4 per pound. I think I ended up with about 7 yards for $21.

Next chore is to clear off the sewing surface [which becomes the staging place for everything!] I did get enough space free last night to cut a few 2 1/2" strips and some squares. I'm doing a B.H. thing and making 2 patches as my leaders and enders (instead of a little scrap of thread catcher fabric) and it surely is an easy way to get lots of squares ready to go for my next project. Did I tell you that I had to bring the machine into the shop for some attention? It was not performing and while I really love Pfaff's, they may have crossed the threshold for too many whistles and bells in this model. So we are now in a try it out (again) mode to see if she can actually DO all the things she is supposed to. I'll let you know. [check out that tidy table top!]


KC Quilter said...

What a great idea to mutually make a quilt for a friend! It will be just that much more special. And love how your organized shelves are looking!

Joke said...

Oh how beautiful, your stash ordered on colour! Ans so tidy :)
Can you please show us the same shelf in about two months LOL It we are soulsisters, and I think we are, Carol needs to visit you again :)