Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Camping

Some great photos from a simply beautiful week-end up in the mountains. Temperatures were in the 80's and it was as clear as a bell. We couldn't have asked for more. Northwest camping at its best. [I cannot manage to figure out how to load these in the right order - sorry about that]

Some "silly" bikers thought it was a good thing to ride to Chinook Pass (over 5000 ft.) -is this fun? On our way to the national forest service campground.

In the heart of the Cascade Mountains with Mt. Rainier (14,000+ ft.)

An unnamed waterfall below Mt. Rainier.

Approaching Mt. Rainier from the west.

This is one of the few national forest service campgrounds that is reservable - so our group of 14 had the entire site to ourselves. Site is a loose term, as it is a gravel and dirt area, with a gate, off the road, a couple of fire pits and a pit toilet. In the world of camping, "all mod cons". It is an area bounded by the American River, a wonderful, fast-running, glacial fed river. (Unbelievably cold - just ask me)

About 10 seconds was the maximum time before frost bite set in.

I promise fabric posts soon. This week is Camp Stitch-a-lot with my granddaughter. Using countless scraps from the stash for practice!

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