Monday, July 13, 2009

Camp Stitch-a-lot in review

This past week has been the sewing camp I have talked about. My granddaughter arrived on Sunday evening and spent the week. Each morning we trekked to sewing. (9-12) She was part of a group of 10, from ages 8 to 14, for Introduction to Sewing. And intro. it was. These young ladies had either never used a machine or used one only very limitedly. So we had a busy week, trying to be able to help them all - virtually at once. If you are ever in this position, I would suggest that you consider very carefully what projects the kids are given and in what order. Also, the adults involved need to give some thought to the 'fine line' between teaching new skills and encouraging good work AND what can a 8-10 y.o. do and find acceptable. I would observe that this was a challenge for most of us. Most of the kids would accept somewhat sloppy work, so we had to, as pleasantly as we could, require a decent end product. That meant, in many instances, using the seam ripper - un-sewing. The girls made the following projects:
Scrap/thread bags (to go beside their machines)

This proved to be more difficult than any of use had thought, but everyone got their bag complete and we moved on to aprons. The girls were given lots of leeway in style, size and type of pocket they made. Voila:

They are pretty cute, aren't they? The last of the aprons were finished on Thursday morning. The rest of that day and on Friday, the girls worked on various items using fleece. They made dolls and pillows of every shape imaginable.
I believe this was an octopus.

Our two 'speed demons' also finished a little bag with with a zipper. And then on Friday about 11:30 all the parents/grandparents/etc. showed up and we had a 'fashion show' of sorts. The kids really enjoyed showing all the things they had made:

I must observe that this was a LOT of work to carry off. However, I really think the kids enjoyed themselves and the parents seemed pleased that their kids were able to accomplish all they did. And Nana is pleased for a week off! Phew!

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KC Quilter said...

What a GREAT thing you did! The projects were wonderful and the girls looked like they had a good time.