Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Haven't set foot in the sewing room

But that isn't for want of something to do. Last week-end was our 8th annual Camping with the Grandma's. My DD also comes along - she says we have too much fun to miss out. We returned to our favorite campground, with wooded, private campsites. And we are having incredible weather. So it was perfect.

We even had help with the dishes.

Most of Saturday was spent down near the beach - not lovely and sandy, but lots of rocks to throw into the water and trees to climb on.

It's a pretty darn fun week-end and hopefully will hold some good memories for our little people.

We are home now and dear GS is attending a daycamp at a local community center. Big adventures every day (but no time for sewing, that's for sure!) It has become abundantly clear why young women have the young children - we Nana's face challenges with energetic young folks. Yikes!

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Joke said...

Facing challenges is no problem for a nana like you. It is obvious you all had a good time! I'm off to France for the two next weeks. ' See' you when we're back :)