Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick Wednesday note

I'm feeling free to talk about this as I'm sure she doesn't read my blog. Brenda bought a new-to-her house just this week, so Alayne and I are making her a 'house warming' quilt. Alayne did the center using Bonnie Hunter (my favorite, these days) Twist Strip pattern. My task is the borders. Despite a number of interruptions, she and I decided on a narrow (1" finished) red border and I got to choose the 5" border. I actually did think of this often during the night (I think, I did) and have decided that I like the quieter, darker border fabric. It doesn't distract from the fun, scrappy, swirly center. Then we will make a pieced binding from all the center fabrics. Fun, huh? Wednesday project - at least to get it started.

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