Monday, July 27, 2009

Toasty days of summer

We are hard to please -first it is too cold and gray and now it is waaaaay too hot for us northwesterners. Mid to high 70's is just very fine - mid to high 80's is too much. This week they are even predicting a day or two in the 90's. Yikes.

I have done one little sewing project - I needed something to wear from the RV to the showers (easy off and on, with one big pocket) Sort of a mu-mu thing. Remember those?

The other big adventure was a week-end of camping and a day trip up to the Visitor Center on Mt. Rainier (14,400+ ft). I have driven around this big mountain numerous times, but don't remember ever coming to the visitor center. So here are a few more photos - soon you will know all about this part of the world.

According to the film we watched talking about the mountain, it is large enough that it creates its own weather. It is a (currently) dormant volcano. On the slopes, this time of the year, are bear grass and avalanche lilies (aren't they georgous).

More bear grass, some paintbrush (a fuschia color - not red) and Myrtle Falls. A great adventure and a beautiful resource for us.

My blogging will be somewhat sporadic for the next few weeks. We are heading out for a trip east - ending up in Michigan visiting friends and family. I will have the camera and laptop, so will try for some updates, but not sure how well that will work. Hope that everyone is having a marvelous summer, with restful breaks in the action (or a different type of action). [hope the housesitter can keep the plants alive] Life is good!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful surrounding, lovely. I will miss you when you are on your way to Michigan. groetjes Caro

kjquilts said...

The pictures are beautiful! Have fun on your trip...maybe you will run into some cool weather. As for me, I'm staying in the AC for the next month or so since our temps are always in the 90s and 100s at this time of year!

Janaina said...

One day I will make such terrific clothes too! =)

Matty said...

Hello Marne, it is nice to read your blog, I know your friend Caro. I love to read about your trip. A friend of my lived for a long time in BC and we visited Mt. Baker many times, I love him, now she moved to Grand Rapids but when I am there I missed the mountains, so it is nice to read your trip, best whishes and your quilting is wonderful and much, succes Matty

Clothing & Textile Advisors said...

Hey Marne, I always say that Puget Sounders only really like two degrees: 71 and 72! Anything else is either too hot or too cold. I've met some outliers though that "say" they like it hot. I don't believe it.

Susan. Sounds like you're having a beautiful road trip