Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rainy, rainy Tuesday

I always think of song titles when I sit down to post one of these blogs - so for today it would be "The Day that the Rains Came Down" (how is that for a moldy-oldy, or aren't you old enough to even remember it?)

It is, as the Dutch would say, typische winter weer [typical winter weather] - I think the humidity must be close to 100% as the clouds are sitting right on the ground. I'm reminded of a poem my kids I used to recite: "One misty, moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather" - this is it!

A very Happy New Year to one and all. I can report that we enjoyed New Year's Eve and Day (Jan. 1st) in warm California. Oh it was great fun and such a wonderful break. So, the highlight, of course, was the Rose Bowl Parade - my fist time. This parade was the 121st Rose Parade (that's a long time) and quite amazing if you have never been. The rules are basically that EVERYTHING on a float must be covered in some sort of natural material. Everything from leaves, petals, grasses, bark, etc. An incredibly tedious process. I kept wondering how would one know if they were on the right timeline or not. Should I be doing the birds and butterflies now or is it OK to still be working on the magician - for example. Obviously the many, many years of experience pay off. It is very much like quilting - you take small pieces and put them together to make an incredible 'whole'. So on to some photos: [courtesy of my friend Susan. Thanks]

Camping out along the street is allowed starting at noon on New Year's Eve.

We bit the bullet and bought seats in the bleachers. Not only was it a more comfortable place to sit, but gave us a great view for photos.

The trumpeter is over 50' high and has to be able to 'lay-down' to go under an overpass along the route (just to add to the complications)

The Marines paraded with their mule team.

The Ohio State School for the Blind marched with a guide (in red) Incredible!

I will try to upload photos to a Picasa album (for those who are gluttons for punishment). Needless to say, it was quite an experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Our other big adventure over the holiday - for another post - was learning about and doing some geocaching. Who could possibly be bored in this amazing world we have! Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, can't wait to see more of them. Happy New Year, Caro, Rob and Paco

kjquilts said...

Sounds like a great get-away!