Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doin' my stuff

I've been struggling with a bad knee and physical therapy twice a week, but. . . . I have also made some progress with my little projects and thought you'd like to see.

So, here we are with the log cabin blocks. This will, assuming a finish on time, become a birthday gift for DD:

I have 8 more of these to make to get to the finished size. As I recall it finishes to a lap size.

And then (because I don't think she looks as this blog) here is what I have been working on for my Winter Exchange:

Pretty cute, huh? Not so difficult but time consuming cutting out the snowflake, then tiny zigzag with invisible thread. Will have a small border and voila!

3 new books, several UFO's, a strip set and some charm squares - all calling my name. Hmmm.

Church women's retreat this week-end - so updates here in a few days.


Anonymous said...

have a nice weekend, love your projects. bye bye Caro

Joke said...

Hmmmm, I read your blog, and I love this Winter Exchange LOL