Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things that make me happy

Oh, I was so pleased today to find a box on the front porch with the new books I had ordered. I am always so impressed with the folks who seem to be able to whip up this marvelous, small items that are just so doggone cute. And they really often only use what is otherwise a scrap of fabric - so you see I really am still busting my stash. Nancy Halvorson's latest from Art to Heart, Pretty Little Presents from Lark Books and my big excitement is the latest Tilda book. I learned of Tilda from Carolina, in the Netherlands. As they are originally from Norway by Tone Finnanger, English versions have been very hard to find. Sew Sunny Homestyle is 2009.

Oh, oh - get that log cabin finished and then I can play with these. And yes, Carolina I'm sure that I'm a real quilter -even in Fons and Porter's eyes. :-)

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kjquilts said...

Oh, I want that new Tilda book! I just love her books. I haven't made anything from one yet but I do have almost every page marked with a sticky note! That new book from NH looks interesting too. I'm going to have to check into getting these books!