Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Checkin' In

The Pacific Northwest seems to be working to single-handedly replentish the world's oceans. Gracious it has been raining. Now I know, I don't have to shovel any of this and my more eastern friends do have my sympathies - but we struggle along with all that winter brings us.

I'm still working on the Log Cabin for my daughter. All the stars are complete (36 - 4 1/2" centers for the log cabin blocks.)

Each of the dark strips require that you add a 1 1/2" square to one end. [That's 336 of those little guys.] I don't usually do my log cabins this way: where you cut all the strips first, to the specified length. If I ever finish all this prep work sewing it together should be fairly fast.

In the Sewing Room, I must, if being totally honest, admit that not all the Christmas fabrics have been put away. I'm sure your sewing space is all tidy and there are no holiday bits laying around. But I do need to spend more time getting mine under control. Meanwhile, we are season ticket holders for the University of Washington Women's Basketball. We are about the bottom of the Pac-10 conference, but its fun, nonetheless. There's always the next match-up, right?

Easy way to stay warm and dry. Go Huskies!

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Caroline said...

Love the pictures. It must be fun follow your favorite basketball team, bye bye Caro