Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lucky me!

I'm so very fortunate to be able to have the time and friends to enable another FABULOUS week-end.  We enjoyed great friends, delicious food and of course, the weather cooperated mightily.  The weather man predicted that our gorgeous weather would continue through the holiday week-end, and it did just that.  We arrived at our friend's on Friday afternoon.  Our time was filled with eating and games [Carcassone, Five Crowns and of course, Texas Hold 'Em], bike riding and even a little trip  to the quilt store.  So, some photos of our adventures,
The gathering of chairs on the left of the photo is around the fire circle.  We had campfires each brisk morning and again after supper.  The car port became the "clubhouse" where we played games and decorated RV shaped wooden cut-outs (supplied by one of the guests). [We all stayed in our RV's parked in various places around our hosts large property.]  Saturday morning we went on a bicycle ride on a Rails to Trails route.  (This used to be a railroad route, but the tracks have been removed and it has been paved for walking and biking.  Nothing motorized is allowed.)

Sunday morning we made a jaunt to Gee Gee's Quilting,
This unassuming looking place is simply overflowing with fabric (and crafts and books and kits and thread and and and and)  These photos are truly just a little 'slice' of the aisles inside.
Fabrics are beautifully organized by theme (I found soccer fabric for my grandson) or by type (30's or civil war repro's) or sort (I don't know how to label this) for example, in the picture in the middle above you can see all the 'fairy frost' type of fabrics on the right, on the left are the few solids.  There are asian fabrics, florals, stripes, dots, etc, etc.  It can be a bit overwhelming, but surely a "candy store" for some of us.  If it isn't here, I'm not sure that it is available anywhere.  Quite an outing.  I made a few purchases - much of it from the sale room.  [Photos in my next blog.]
That's Mt. Rainier peeking out from behind the trees.

Walking home after the BBQ supper at the neighbors.  Wow!

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Laura said...

What more could you ask for on a weekend getaway -- good friends, good food, good weather, and good quilting stores! Sounds absolutely perfect to me! Thanks for sharing ...