Saturday, September 17, 2011

Off to the Fair

Today was our (usually) annual visit to the Western Washington State Fair.  It was a big departure, weather-wise, from last week and was even drizzling this morning.  But none of us melted and we had a delightful outing with 2 Grandmas and the 3 biggest Grands.
We did all the required: firetruck, petting farm, horses, goats, dogs, an Elephant "Ear" [with cinnamon and sugar].  The Puyallup pigs, born 5 days ago,
14 of those little ones          

Everyone had 2 rides and then it was lunch time.  Phew - sitting down felt good.  On to check out the quilts (of course)

  It was very interesting to notice, this year, lots of green, although there didn't seem to be any one particular style shown.  I have to say, honestly, that I didn't have loads of favorites, but here are a few that I did think were very good.

We had a very fun day.


Laura said...

So glad everyone had a good time, friend. I think my favorite quilt is the one in the last picture on the right. I've decided that I'm definitely a brightly-colored quilt fan. :)

Caroline said...

I can imagine you walking there all around. Hope to join you next year. bye bye Caro