Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Icicle River and the Autumn Leaf Festival

The Cascade Mountains of Washington are really some of the prettiest to be seen [and I'm talking as someone who has seen a goodly number of mountain ranges, although I might be a tad biased, as well] Leavenworth is a small town on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains (highway 2) that needed to figure out a way to invigorate itself as it was not prospering and was going into decline.  So apparently some of the town leaders decided to try giving the town a Bavarian theme.  And lo and behold, it has become a northwest staple and there are events year-around and people travel for (many) miles for a visit.  [including the Germans we heard while having lunch]
The sunshine and blue skies just added to the ambiance.  Our group has stayed in this campground before but we continue to really enjoy being there.  It's very well maintained and quite beautiful.
Icicle River

So you can see that we have been away from blogging land and enjoying what we can of autumn in the pacific northwest - we know it won't last, but we'll savor every last drop.  And the trees haven't really changed colors yet.

This week has included, thus far, seeing the moving "The Help"  - very, very good, some more curtain sewing for DS and DIL and a visit with Baby "B", and some babysitting for the other grands.  Phew!  Today it's take the car in for service and start to do something with the apples and pears we picked up while in eastern Washington, where they are grown.  Who can't find something to do when retired?  Lucky me!


Caroline said...

Good you're being back in bloggingland. Nice adventures, and lovely pictures. bye bye Caro

Laura said...

Beautiful country, friend. It's been many years since I've been to Leavenworth, and from what I remember it was a delightful town. Glad the weather cooperated with you, too. :)