Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yikes - a whole week has gone by

Sorry for not updating for a few days.  Each day I think (in the morning) ah yes, I will get back here and add those photos and talk about what's going on, but. . . . . well, you may know how that goes.  Last Wednesday we went to the very, very small town of Plain, WA -  approximately 15 miles outside of Leavenworth (if that helps).  I had won a night at Mountain Springs Lodge.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.  We had one of the suites in the upstairs of this lodge.
During the summer they have an on-site dining room.  As this is now "off" season, that dining room is closed but it was suggested that we could go to a nearby diner.  It happens that we had heard of this diner from one of our house-exchangers this summer, as they too had visited the diner, on Highway 2.  It's called the 59-er Diner.  What a hoot!

Check out the pink phone on the counter

They are especially known for their REAL milkshakes, made with hard ice cream and milk and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.  [almost a whole dinner, right there].

After burgers, onion rings and a small milkshake, we waddled out the door and home to our most comfortable room.  Next day it was off in the motorhome to a camping adventure with our RVing women's group.

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