Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Small(ish) fabric purchase

As I told you, on Sunday we visited Gee Gee's Quilting in Yelm, WA.  Their website says they have over 15,000 bolts.  It is an amazing place and verges on overwhelming, except. . . . . . almost anything you could be looking for is likely to be there, if it is still being made.  And so, first fabric for new pillowcases for the Grands (it's incredible how much they LOVE their Nana-made pillowcases)

For the oldest (now 11 1/2 going on 27, somedays)
If you cannot tell, it is green with golden suns
For the 8 1/2 y.o.

and for the little princess, 4 1/2
And then, because it was there, to make something for the RVing club

And two for me.  The first is a M'Liss R. Hawley for In the Beginning (an older print), but I loved it,
And a brand new "neutral".  I loved it - with just a hint of blue and green.  Actually it is called "Baby Safari and those are giraffes and something else [???] but I'm convinced that it will be a marvelous blender for whenever I might need something really light,
So all together, I guess I added about 8 yards.  Not so bad, I guess when you figure that 4 of the 6 came from the sale room.

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Caroline said...

Every girl needs fabric. bye bye Caro