Thursday, October 13, 2011

Binding finished

The orange binding is complete on the raffle quilt.  It is quite large so I don't have any good photos of the whole things, but here are a few more - so you can get the general idea.

Isn't she just such a happy little chicken (even if she is pink)

This is a VERY happy quilt.  Even Caro wants me to buy her some tickets - you never know who will win.

My RV group has its last function of the year next week and one of the activities is for each of us to bring along samples of what we "do".  Obviously for me that means quilting and stitching.  So I'm "auditioning" a number of things I have here at home, plus a couple of previous 'give aways' that I have borrowed back.  I tend to give most of the things I make away, but I have a few.  It will be a fun week-end and when we last did this Show and Tell event, it was a great hit.


jacq said...

what a great quilt! I love it

Caroline said...

I hope I win this quilt!! As you say, you never know. It's so lovely, especially the little pink chicken is so cute. bye bye Caro

desertskyquilts said...

The whole thing is a happy little quilt. Love it. I would never have chosen orange for a binding, but it's perfect on that quilt!