Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Moving into Autumn

I really enjoy the arrival of fall and being able to do cooking.  So this week it has been,
Butternut squash and apple soup and this pear nut bread.  It's fun to think about what sort of tasty tidbits we can whip up.  Yum.  Tomorrow my friend Alayne and I will be doing some cooking to put in the freezer.  I'll keep you posted.

I have also been working on some very small quilts.  One of the newest projects that my CTA group is working on are quilts for the NICU at Providence Hospital - for the baby's who are very sick and do not survive.  As our coordinator said, this is very "tender" work and we do it with love and concern.

I'm putting the finishing touches on the quilt for my brother and SIL's expected granddaughter.  I will show you soon.


Caroline said...

You're such a busy girl. Quilting, baking, cooking. Lovely colors. That will be very happy babies.
bye bye Caro

Laura said...

Reading about who receives your NICU quilts brought tears to my eyes, friend. What a special, special gift you're giving both baby and their parents. Thank you for your generosity.